Sunday, September 10, 2006

First PAL football game

This year, my 10-year-old son decided he wanted to play football. He really wants to play ice hockey too, but that is still to be determined. In any case, My son got placed on the 49'ers of the Police Athletic League here in Fort Wayne. Watching him play takes me back to the days when I played in the PAL league. I'm still trying to figure out how to just watch my son play and not shout instructions to him. He's trying his best and having fun.

This Saturday the team had its first game of the season, so I decided to shoot some photos ... especially since it's his first game. He had a bit of trouble getting around a certain offensive lineman who was good at holding/tackling. The team lost, but it gave a solid effort. I'm looking forward to watching my son progress, and hope he will continue to enjoy it.

My son wears #84, but I posted a couple photos of some of the other kids too.

Thanks for looking.

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