Thursday, February 15, 2007

Snow Day

After a major snow storm caused blizzard conditions and dumped more than seven inches of snow on the Fort Wayne area, government agencies, schools and businesses closed down for the better part of two days. Personallly, I spent the first part of the week on my couch with a nasty case of the flu that I must have picked up during my travel back home from Miami.
As I shoveled more than two feet deep snow drifts out of my driveway, the morning sun started to rise and the skies were clear. It was a nice start to the day. My wife had hot chocolate waiting for me when I was finished. I finally convinced her after twenty minutes that I didn't want her to help me shovel snow. She was bound and determined to help, but I asked her to stay inside where it was warm. She's as stubborn as I am and much better looking.
I ventured to work under the bright sun and saw that the light was beautiful. I knew I had to go out and make photos of people dealing with the snow, and the light was just right. I made a few decent pictures, but not what I was hoping for. I met co-worker Steve Linsenmayer at a coffee shop where we worked and transmitted our images back to the office. I was determined to get better pictures, and I knew the light at the end of the day would be fantastic.

After I left the office around 5:00 I decided to head off to Franke Park. The west side of the old soap box derby hill and its countless sledders bask in the glorious golden glow of the setting sun. Nobody cared that the temperature was less than 15 degrees. We had sunshine after two days of blizzard. Luckily, there were people willing to run their sleds into massive snow jumps. They helped me make the pictures I wanted.

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