Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Looking forward to the weekend

Normally people look forward to the weekend because they're off work, they can spend time with families, some go out to hang out with their 12 oz. friends or they're going to catch the big game. I'm looking forward to this weekend because I am working. That's right, because I am working. Don't get me wrong, work is work, but this weekend should prove to be a great weekend of events.

First, I am covering the Komets Friday night. If their 7-2 butt kickin' last Sunday is any motivation, the K's should be fired up to go out and prove something. Maybe even, God willing, pay out a few body checks. I'm looking to mic the boards so I can get some audio for a multimedia slide show I am working on. It is my hope that it will be the Komets putting people into the glass.

Saturday, I will be shooting the NHC swimming and diving championship at the Carroll High School Natatorium. Swimming and diving meets present specific challenges in making quality photographs. Light in the natatoriums is always a concern. They are usually dark enough that making action-stopping photographs becomes a real challenge. Aside from light issues, it is often difficult to identify swimmers when I am doing my edits so I generally need to take extra notes while shooting. In any case I enjoy taking on challenges, so I look forward to it.

I will head to Indy Sunday to shoot the AFC Divisional playoff game between thee Steelers and the Colts. I especially look forward to this event, for more reasons than the obvious. Industry-leading professional sports photographers will be at this event, and it will be a great experience to cover a game of this magnitude.



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