Thursday, January 04, 2007

Officially a slacker

So, my boss informed me today that I am officially a slacker. Apparently, he's correct. It seems that I haven't updated either my blog or my member page in quite some time. The only excuse I have is that I was trying to keep my head above water during the last three months. I had been working full-time, going to school full-time (15 credit hours) and trying to fulfill my duties at home. As many of you know, that is a full-time job in itself. Oh yeah, I was also assisting Fort Wayne area commercial photographer Steve Vorderman on photo shoots about once a week and sometimes more.

Enough about my self-created problems. The Spring semester is about to start, and I've decided to scale way back on the school schedule. That means I am currently not registered for any classes, but I hope to sign up before Monday for at least one class or maybe two. I am definitely not going to attempt more than two classes while working full-time again. That was rough.

In any case, I've been shooting a lot of sports lately. Football, basketball, hockey, wrestling, beach volleyball, you name it. I went out to Los Angeles for a week in November for the Academy. It was a great experience. I learned a good deal, but mostly about seeing things I wouldn't normally see and looking for interesting angles. I roomed with a good shooter, Craig Glover, from London, Ontario, Canada. The rumors are true ... Canadians do frequently use the term "eh" in everyday speech. Craig was a good guy and he nailed some beautiful shots during our time in sunny southern California.

More sports this weekend. I'm off to Indianapolis to shoot the Colts against the KC Chiefs on Saturday. Then it's back home for the Komets on Sunday. Check out the Komets game photo slideshows at The News-Sentinel.


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