Friday, July 27, 2007

Live from the Brickyard

OK, well, I'm not live at the Brickyard yet. It's actually 1:40 a.m., and as is usually the case, I am still awake trying to get things together. I will, however, be leaving home in just a few hours to race to Indianapolis Motor Speedway where I'll be posting content all weekend. I plan to post more pictures than anything else because I'll be shooting and writing stories for The News-Sentinel - and I can only handle so much writing.

Later today, (Friday 07/27) I'll be shooting practice sessions, a Tracy Lawrence concert and interviewing Tony Stewart. Saturday is qualifying. I'll post a link to a story for the paper, car and driver pictures from the day and if I'm not burnt to a crisp, I'll stick around and shoot the Gretchen Wilson concert. I'll try to get some stuff up on Sunday, but I can't promise anything there as it will be a LONG day, and I'll be hauling the usual 50 pounds of photo gear for countless miles walking around the track to get photos from various angles.

Oh yeah, I'll try to work in some fan photos too. The only problem with that is my wife thinks I just run around taking pics of ladies allowing as much of their bare skin as is legally possibe to soak up the sun. I got in trouble because of some pictures from Miami Beach during the Super Bowl. I tried to explain that most of the 10 people who read this blog are males, and I was only catering to my audience. That argument wasn't well-received. So this time, I'll provide balanced coverage.

Anyway, if NASCAR is your thing, check here and let me know what you think. My bosses at The News-Sentinel would like to know that my efforts are worth the sacrifice of sending me out of town for a whole weekend.

Next stop ... Terre Haute.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Take some pictures of fat guys with lots of back hair...that'll stop the wife from complaining. We'll be looking for more great work from you.

2:55 PM  

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