Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Long time no read

Whoa, I guess I haven't written to the blog in some time. Same story, different week. I have been so busy at work, the blog has taken a back seat, unfortunately. I've been writing like a mad man for the newspaper. In fact, on Sunday alone I wrote three stories, copy edited and rewrote material written by a co-worker, helped make up a schedule of must-see games and toned a bunch of photos for my stories. It's been rough to say the least, but I've made some decent pictures.

The weeks have been full of football and volleyball. I generally cover a volleyball game or two during the week then up to four football games on the weekend. Last week, I shot volleyball on Wednesday, the Colts vs. Saints on Thursday, high school football on Friday and Saint Francis football on Saturday. There was even talk of picking up another game on Sunday, but the Bears were in San Diego. It's a good thing I love football. I'm hoping to cover a Colts road game or two. I thought I would like to go out to San Diego in November, but after the Chargers got blasted by New England, I'm not sure the game would be all that good. I can guarantee one thing, though, the light and weather in SoCal in November is incredible. It would be fun to go just for that reason.

These last two photos were shot in SoCal last November. I had a great time out there and would definitely go back. The thing about Southern California is that its a good place to visit, but it's good to get back home to Indiana.

The next couple of weeks will be long. Not only will I be incredibly busy, but in two weeks I'm heading with my family for a much-needed vacation in South Carolina. I'm definitely looking forward to that.


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