Sunday, February 01, 2009

Was it a goal?

Sure looks like one.

Photo by Chad Ryan

Port Huron goalie Ryan Mior snapped up a close-range wrist shot from Fort Wayne forward Mark Versteeg-Lytwyn in his glove during Saturday's IHL contest at Memorial Coliseum. Most people in the arena thought Mior had just made a great save, but did he? The goalie's glove appeared to be behind the goal line, and Versteeg-Lytwyn protested.

As the photo here shows, the shadow on the ice from Mior's arm and glove is several inches behind the goal line. Because of the angle of placement of the lights at Memorial Coliseum a shadow cast from front to back is nearly impossible. The lights there create shadows that are almost directly downward, especially as close as the goalie's arm is to the ice.

The referee waived the goal. To his credit, it was probably tough to see. But not if he had been in position. The goal didn't matter in terms of the game as the Komets won 4-0, but a goal is a goal and Versteeg-Lytwyn deserved credit for a hell of a shot.

And since we're talking about goalies, what about Sebastien Laplante? He's fresh off the IR list and back to action after breaking a collar bone early in the season. Laplante had a relatively easy first two periods of work last night, but he got peppered in the third period and nothing got by.

Photo by Chad Ryan

And here's a shot of P.C. Drouin playing the body on Port Huron's Jamie Lovell in the first period.

Photo by Chad Ryan


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