Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Finally getting my head above water.

It's been a few weeks since my last post, and rest assured, I haven't been slacking. I spent four out of the last five weekends in Indianapolis covering high school state championships for team and individual wrestling, girls and boys swimming and diving and girls basketball. I'll be on my way back to Indy this weekend to cover the girls gymnastics championship, and if Harding's boys basketball team makes it out of the semi-state this weekend, I'll be on my way to the state finals again the following weekend. Aside from all of that, I managed to squeeze in a Komets game and shoot some local news events as well last weekend.

Last week during spring break, I decided to get some things done around the house. I installed the shelving system that my wife got for my office closet. During the process, I found some old negatives from the Komets' early 90's seasons. I looked through the pile of old stuff and there happened to be a couple of shots of two members of the "Ice Patrol" doing what they did best. One frame is of Killer Kaminski mixing it up, and the other is of Stve Fletcher delivering a monster body check in the corner. Now, these photos are not the best I've taken, but keep in mind, I was 19 years old shooting for a newspaper in Columbia City with antique equipment.

A little hard to see, but this photo is of the Killer in action. I loved going to games that year. That was my kind of hockey.

I'm a fairly big guy, and I could deliver a pretty good hit on the ice when I played hockey. But I'm certain I would've tried to get out of Fletch's way if I saw him coming at me. Fletch was one big, tough dude, and although he didn't score much, he had quite a slapshot.

I plan to update the site with new photos from recent Komet games as well as some of the state championship images. Check back occasionally to see what's up. As always, I appreciate your time spent on this blog and any feedback you might have, so, leave a comment or send me an email message.

Thanks for looking!


Blogger drunk dialer said...

flecher rocked. he was a real hockey player.

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