Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Link to Purchase Prints

Anyone interested in purchasing prints of photographs I have taken may follow the recently installed "Purchase Prints" link on the right side of the page. The link will take you to an online storefront where I have a portfolio for viewing purposes only and a gallery of photos for sale. I am unable to sell photos that I make while working for The News-Sentinel, but I do have a collection of stock images that I will be adding to regularly. Some of the galleries listed right now include art of various subjects including wildlife, nature, landscape, still life, lightpaintings and sports.

I am available to shoot portraits, formal studio and environmental on location, weddings, corporate outings and sporting events. I provide professional quality images at competitive prices. To discuss your photographic needs, send me an email or leave a comment.

Thanks again for stopping by.



Anonymous Chad Ryan said...


You won't believe this...

My name is Chad Ryan, and i'm from Australia. I've never met nor seen another "Chad Ryan" in all my travels...
but what is more unbelieveable is that i'm also a photographer!

How freaky is that!
Anyway, I was doing a google search on my own name, seeing what came up, and i found your blog.
You can check out my website at

Peace mate,
Chad Ryan :)

4:08 PM  

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