Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Birthday Party Fun

My nephew (pictured) was one of ten people my son invited to his 10th birthday party last weekend. When my son told me he wanted all of his cousins to sleep over, I was less than excited. Usually mayhem ensues when all of the kids get together. But this time around, it wasn't that bad. We started off playing laser tag and arcade games then came home for birthday cake and pizza. After the festivities, my son popped the Madagascar dvd in and everyone was quiet until they fell asleep. The next morning, my wife woke up and made a huge breakfast for everyone. She even let me sleep in. She's too nice.

I decided after breakfast to shoot some photos of all of the kids. I thought it might be a good time to get some portrait assignments worked out while I had a captive set of models. Besides, they are all a bunch of characters and they love to have their pictures made. I decided to try out the "shot from below" technique I have seen a couple of shooters do, and it worked out well. I constructed the aparatus for a couple of portrait assignments for work, and I thought it might be good to practice with the kids first.

I shot this photo of my nephew, the biggest character of the group. Then I got all of the kids together in a photo. I had fun, the kids had fun, and my son had a great birthday. So, it was a good weekend.


Blogger drunk dialer said...

awesome pic. I hope you give that to sis for christmas. That is amazing.

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