Friday, January 18, 2008

Football is over

Yes, it's sad to say, but my football season is over. Watching football on TV became meaningless to me when the Jacksonville Jaguars knocked the Steelers out of the playoffs - or more accurately, the Steelers allowed the Jags to come back and win. After that happened, I pinned my hope on the Colts. I thought there was just no way Indy would lose to San Diego, and I was getting excited about going to Foxboro to shoot another AFC Championship game. Well, the Bolts did it, sending the Colts home with another disappointing playoff loss after a stellar regular season.

I am disappointed, but not heart-broken. I mean I would have gone to the Super Bowl if the Colts went, so how could I not root for them? But as the Colts' season goes, so goes my season. I'll still watch the playoffs on TV, and I suppose I'll root for Bret Farrrrrvruh to win another Lombardi Trophy - mostly because I want anyone but the Pats and the Cowboys to win it. I'm also hopeful if Farrrrrvruh wins, he'll retire so we don't have to hear the same Bret is 56 years old and still in love with the game stories. It's like he's a kid at Christmas ... you know the same tired lines. I am happy for Mr. Favre. He's been through a lot with his wife and addiction issues, but he should know when to say when. Go out a winner.

So for me, it's back to high school sports, more high school sports, and when that's done even more high school sports. Oh, and the occasional IU, Purdue or Michigan State game. By the way, I'm not complaining about the high school sports. I love sports of all kinds, but as my boss always says, the prep beast needs to be fed and that's never going to change. With a staff of 5 writers covering 40+ schools the prep beast is more like Godzilla. Nowhere will you find a staff our size working for a newspaper with our circulation (25,000- 30,000) covering as many schools as we do. Obviously, we can't get to all the schools all the time, but we are certainly trying to cover as many events as we can.

I've been on the swimming beat lately and have learned quite a lot about the sport. So, look for plenty of swimming pics in the weeks leading up the state finals.

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