Saturday, June 06, 2009

Craziness in Chicago

I had no idea there were this many fans of Honduras Soccer in this country. I had to get to Soldier Field three hours early to get a parking spot that was within a quarter mile of the stadium. When I parked, I was surrounded by a sea of blue and white. Honduran fans everywhere, singing, dancing, beating drums, cooking and drinking. It was absolute insanity.

As I walked around there were spotty groups of American fans, but not near the number of those wearing blue. I encountered a large group of USA fans that were facing off against a large group of Honduras fans chanting and cheering. All I can say is I always knew that soccer fans get crazy and I've heard horror stories, but this atmosphere is quite different than anything I've experienced.

I'll post more photos later, but here are some from the scene outside Soldier Field Saturday afternoon.


Blogger Iris A. said...

Hello Chad,

This is Iris Amador, a Honduran-American living in D.C., who "stumbled" upon your beautiful photos about crazy Honduran fans in Soldier Field back in June. If you follow soccer news, you probably already know that with our team qualifying this past Wednesday, we just took the passion to another level. =)

In any case, I am putting together a composition to show just how jubilant we are in supporting our players. This is not for commercial purposes, it's just to celebrate this 27-year-in the making dream of making it to the World Cup. ...And I'd love to have access to two or three of your pictures -the drummers and the raised arm fan- if you would please, please allow me.

I really do hope this is not an inconvenience to you.

Mil gracias, like we say in Spanish, or a thousand THANKS in English!

I can be reached at:


10:36 PM  

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