Monday, April 26, 2010

Turkey Hunting Video

This is a short video I threw together of my buddy Tom's turkey hunt on opening day of the 2010 Indiana spring turkey season last week. This hunt takes place in northeast Indiana at the Fawn River Deer Camp where there is an abundance of wild turkeys. I've counted as many as 50 birds together at a time on the property on several occasions.

Now, I should mention that when Tom and I hunt together things don't get too serious. I usually send most of my time in the blind laughing too hard to get anything done. This here isn't your TV style of hunting video. Since this is our first attempt Tom didn't get too crazy, and I didn't have to cut out too much in the editing room. I originally had some more creative titles to put in this clip, but opted for something a little more conservative.

Due to my wife being on the verge of going into labor at any time, Tom and I only had one day to get a hunt on film, so he settled on shooting a jake early that morning. The next morning another hunter took a tom with a 10.5-inch beard and 1.25-inch spurs out of the exact same spot.


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