Sunday, July 27, 2008

Saturday at the track. I think it's just the end of July.

OK. I don't know what's worse - my bad reference to the song by Chicago or the fact that I've had it going through my head for about an hour now. But that's what you get when I'm sitting in the lobby of a Fairfield Inn at 2 a.m. finishing up my Saturday track coverage with only four hours of sleep. I have to get up in another four hours to head back to the track for the Allstate 400 at the Brickyard. Unfortunately for me, I bring it on myself.

Friday night I stayed up too long trying to find a hotel room for tonight and surfing the wide world of web. But here I am in Indy, my home away from home. I actually do wish I could live here, but for now, my place is in the Fort. I'm not complaining about today either. My wife who was visiting her mother not far from Indy decided to pop over with our baby to meet me for dinner after I left the track. We hung out, and the little guy got me laughing to tears. I had a great time. So I pay for those times with late-night work sessions (thank goodness for late deadlines on Saturday). I wouldn't trade it.

Anyone brave enough to read what I wrote about Saturday's happenings at the track can be find my story on The News-Sentinel's SportSunday online edition very shortly. Accompanying photos are posted on my Up To Speed blog.

After Sunday's race, I have one more left in my season, and then it's football, girls volleyball, more football and then even more football. Oh, did I mention football. I'll be covering all of the Colts' home games this year and a few road games. Anyone out there thinking my photos of these events would look great in your publications? We should talk.

Need convincing? Check here, here and here ... oh and HERE.

Look for my new website coming soon to an LCD screen near you. Details to come.


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