Sunday, April 06, 2008

Baseball season is here!

OK, I admit it. I love baseball. I always have. Over the years, though, my interest in other sports has taken away some of the time I would have normally spent watching baseball but it's still high on my list. Unfortunately, baseball is a very tough sport to photograph. Getting great action photos is dependent on equipment because the field is so wide open, but if one plays the angles right, he can get some nice pictures with less gear.

Now, the season is upon us. I shot the first two Wizards games and a couple of Saint Francis games, and I'm loving shooting something other than basketball. So, here are a couple of pics from the Wizards second game of the season. I saw something at Memorial Stadium I had never seen. Fort Wayne's right fielder Shane buschini caught a fly ball that was sure to be a home run. He had to leap towards the short fence to catch it then he fell over the fence. For a few seconds, there was nothing, then Buschini popped up with the ball in his glove. The umpire negated the catch and ruled the play a home run because Buschini and the ball went over the fence.

On another great effort, Buschini dived to catch a fly ball that looked to be in foul territory. The ball fell to the ground, but the umpire ruled it a fair ball. I'm not sure what that umpire was looking at, but my photo shows the ball falling foul. Wizards manager Doug Dascenzo argued he call, and the umpire told him the ball was fair by three feet. Anyway, I guess it was just my day to get outfield photos.


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