Monday, December 31, 2007

Darrell Reid lowers the Boom

If you missed the Indianapolis Colts game against the Tennessee Titans last night, you missed this monsterous hit by Indy's Darrell Reid on Tennessee's Chris Henry during a kickoff return. In fact, stop what you're doing, walk away from the computer and tune your TV to ESPN to catch the replay on SportsCenter. It was as big a hit as I've ever seen in football. It was down right nasty to watch from field level. The replay was shown five or six times during the commercial break, and the crowd reacted with the same amount of enthusiasm all five times it was replayed. It was that big.

Indianapolis Colts defensive tackle Darrell Reid, top, blows up Tennessee Titans running back Chris Henry on a kickoff return in the Colts' 16-10 loss in their season finale on Sunday, December 30, at the RCA Dome.

Photo by Chad Ryan of The News-Sentinel


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