Friday, December 21, 2007

Feeling Welcome

I just want to send out a quick thank you to Mitch Harper and all of the folks from Fort Wayne Observed who came over to check out my work. I've got a full tilt of high school basketball on tap for tonight, and I'll get a photo or two up as soon as I can (likely Saturday).

Thanks again, and a hat tip to Mr. Harper for adding me to the blog list on FWOb.

My pictures from tonight's games will be up sometime after midnight on The News-Sentinel's photo sharing site CU for those that want to see more pics from the games.

***Disclaimer - not intended to be a shameless plug for CU ... just an announcement that my pics can be seen there tonight.


Anonymous Joe Silva said...

Great, candid and powerful picture of Coach Ryan Bond. Keep up the good work.

Joe Silva

4:59 AM  

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